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Lowest Gas Prices How to Save Big With Gas Cards


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Gas prices have been disappointingly high these days. We've seen prices hit record levels and there seems to be no relief in sight. But don't let this disappoint you too much that you actually go park your cars. Did you know that there is a way to avail of the lowest gas prices? By using gas cards, you avail of the lowest prices and you save big on your gas money. Below is a rundown on how you can save big on gas money and how gas cards work.

1. Savings every time you use your gas card. The way you to avail of the lowest gas prices and save in using a gas card is by earning rebates. Every time this card is used to pay for gas purchases, rebates are earned. Current percentage rebates range from 2% to 5% depending on the type of card. Some even offer higher rates during introductory periods. These rebates are in the form of rewards points and can be accumulated over time.

2. Redeem rewards. Once accumulated rewards points reach the redeemable limit, they can be redeemed into cash back or any other forms of rewards. Some companies requires that these rewards be redeemed upon request only. However, there are others that automatically redeems rewards by crediting the existing card or issues a check or gift card with the reward amount.

3. Redeem rewards before they expire. Depending on the card company and type of card, rewards points may expire if not redeemed within allowable period. In using gas cards, it is important to keep in mind expiration dates so savings won't go down the drain.

4. Choose your reward. There are different types of rewards that can be redeemed. The classic rewards example is the cash back but rewards may also be in the form of airline tickets, merchandise and gift certificates to products and services.

5. Pay your bill in full and on time. One type of gas card is the gas credit card. When you think of credit cards, you generally think of high interest rates and gas credit cards are no exemption. This type of card carries an annual percentage rate or APR that is charged to the maintaining balance. However, if the bill is paid in full and on time, this APR will not apply.

6. Take advantage of 0% APR introductory rate. Take advantage of gas cards sweetener. Some card companies employ several kinds of deals to sweeten up their card and one of these deals is the 0% APR during introductory periods. This means that during the specified introductory period, the card will not charge an APR on the maintaining balance; you get free interest on your credit.

7. Double your rewards. When cash back rewards are used to pay for gas purchases, the rewards are doubled. If the percentage rebate of the card is 5% and cash back rewards are used to purchase gas, then the accumulated savings will be more than 5%. Rewards or savings may even be doubled.

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