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What Cars Are Going to Give You the Most Mileage and Save You the Most Money?

Sylvia Rolfe

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With the rising prices of oil and gas many are seeking to find ways to save on gas and trying to find out what are the best gas mileage cars. What cars are going to give you the most mileage and save you the most money?

It is no surprise that hybrid vehicles rank among the best for gas mileage; after all, they don't rely so heavily on gas to operate. This is one of the many advantages to hybrid cars. And another commonly known fact is where you drive and how you drive also affects your gas mileage, otherwise we wouldn't refer to the miles per gallon in terms of city driving and highway driving. Highway driving allows more gas for your dollar as you are not constantly starting and stopping as you do within city limits.

So how do hybrid cars work that allows them to give you that extra mile for your dollar? For the most part, the only time that gas is required in the operation of a hybrid vehicle is to start the car and to help it accelerate. That is why you can even further improve the great gas mileage you get from your hybrid by planning your trip to minimize as many stops as possible, or stick with the speed limit as most main roads are programmed to allow you to have a green all the way. That is why it seems some days you can travel so quickly and others you are always hitting the reds.

Now how a hybrid car works really depends on the type of hybrid as well. Electrical hybrids use a battery generator that charges as you drive so that minimal gas is required and it does not need to be plugged in. Other hybrids require being plugged in to allow the batter back up to fully charge but one disadvantage to this hybrid is that it can only go for short periods of time before it has to be charged or begins running on gas. Another alternative fuel vehicle is a water hybrid conversion, in which your conventional vehicle is converted to use a portion of energy from water to run.

No matter what car you buy or use any car can be one of the best gas mileage cars if you drive it right. Of course you can also choose a hybrid with it's reduce reliability on gasoline to even further improve your gas mileage and help you to save on gas .


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How To Get Better Fuel Mileage-Do It Yourself and Save Money
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