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3 Reasons to Consider a Diesel Fuel Additive

Randy Vanderveen

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Historically, car and truck owners have used a diesel fuel additive to increase lubricity of fuel and thereby decrease wear and tear on engine parts. Most owners of diesel machines have not thought much about using a diesel fuel additive to increase gas mileage because diesel engines are already far superior in that aspect to conventional engines and most fuel additives or supplements focused exclusively on gasoline burning vehicles. However, as fuel prices have skyrocketed and impacted everything from the price of food to the duration of our family vacations, the fuel additive market is slowing turning toward diesel engines.

Although diesel engines are more energy efficient than gasoline engines, this advantage is currently outweighed by the significantly greater price of diesel fuel. Furthermore, gas burning engines have made great strides in the past decade, so if you own a diesel powered vehicle you may not be getting mileage that is that far superior to your neighbor's anymore. Considering how much more you are paying for fuel, it is certainly worth considering a diesel fuel additive.

Diesel engines often have a harder time passing government instituted emissions tests designed to protect the atmosphere and stall or even halt the global warming process. Many fuel additives for diesel engines can not only increase your engine's efficiency, they can also lower exhaust emissions and improve your vehicle's rankings in requisite annual emissions tests.

Diesel engines fill a niche in the mechanical world that no other type of machinery can currently replace, but the high price of fuel is rapidly making the owners of these types of machines look elsewhere for profit and opportunity. This means that the market for this type of work will soon be wide open, and if using a diesel fuel additive helps you get a sound, profitable start in this new market and opportunity, then you would have to be crazy to pass up the chance. When a niche is open, smart business people leap to fill it.

Finally, using a diesel fuel additive is just common sense. Some additives can help engines get up to 20 percent more miles per gallon than diesel fuel alone. Especially if you drive a large diesel vehicle, 20 percent more miles before you fill up that monster tank could quickly save you enough for a “free" tank of fuel or even help you save enough to turn in your diesel engine for something more cost-efficient.

If you would like to increase fuel mileage and performance in your vehicle and capitalize on an exploding demand for a solution to high fuel prices and reduced pollution with the “Going Green" movement while creating a full time income online, visit Randy's marketing website .

About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs by showing people how to save money on gas, help the environment, and duplicate themselves online.


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