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Three Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Improve Gas Mileage

Randy Vanderveen

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We would all like to improve gas mileage in any and all of our motor vehicles and other fuel burning machines. However, before you jump on the high miles per gallon bandwagon and start installing a vegetable oil burner in your brand new sports car, make sure that what you are doing will actually benefit you and your vehicle. Many people are so enthusiastic about helping the environment and cutting down on their fuel costs that they actually do things to their cars and trucks that hurt their gas mileage rather than improve it. Before you take action, read this article and make sure that you are not about to make one of these common mistakes that people make when they are trying to improve gas mileage.

1. Any engine alterations will void your vehicle's warranty.

You may have a friend whose 1980's clunker now gets gas mileage as good as or better than your brand new, shiny economy vehicle, but before you let him or her tinker with your engine be sure that you have fully weighed the consequences. Not all vehicles respond well to engine alterations that help them burn alternative fuels like vegetable oil and frying grease, and if your friend is not an experienced and licensed mechanic you are playing roulette with your vehicle. If something goes wrong, you will absolutely not have the warranty to fall back on and you may even have trouble convincing a traditional mechanic to even look at the problem, much less repair it. Furthermore, even if the installation is a success, this type of major operation generally voids all aspects of a warranty, so if you have frame or body problems these also will no longer be covered.

2. Higher octane gas does not necessarily mean higher miles per gallon.

Many people believe that putting higher octane gas in their tank will pay for itself because it will improve gas mileage in their car. In fact, most cars are designed and intended to run on average levels of octane fuel and may even get lower gas mileage on the “good stuff. " Check your owner's manual to see what type of gas your car needs and prefers before throwing money away on pricier fuel.

3. Trendy fuel additives can burn up your system.

Many fuel additives that claim to improve gas mileage are at best a scam and at worst can tear up your engine and destroy the inner workings of your vehicle. While some of the more harmless compounds simply do nothing, others affect the way your engine burns fuel. If you wish to use a fuel additive, use a “catalyst" that works on the fuel itself rather than the engine. Look for a catalyst that has a long history and even a US patent in order to protect yourself and your vehicle from permanent damage.

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About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs by showing people how to save money on gas, help the environment, and duplicate themselves online.


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