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Hydrogen Cars The Difference in a Hydrogen Car and a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Jody Collier

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Hydrogen technology has been around for decades, But only recently has serious study begun in its use to power automobiles.

Hydrogen cars are being tested today with many “concept type" vehicles like the BMW H2R racing vehicle, the GM Hy-wire, and the Honda FCX Clarity.

Are Hydrogen cars all the same? No they are not. They could all be termed “Hydrogen powered vehicles" but there are some differences.

The Two main types of hydrogen powered vehicles are:

1. Hydrogen Cars

2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars.

Lets define what each one is:

A Hydrogen Car like the BMW H2R ("Hydrogen Record Car") runs on liquid hydrogen fuel. It carries tanks of liquid hydrogen and uses it for fuel in an internal combustion engine.

A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car like the Honda FCX Clarity utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell which converts hydrogen gas directly into electricity that powers an electric motors or motors.

There is also a Third type of Hydrogen powered car that is gaining a lot of press these days. Most people call it a “Hydrogen Gas Saver" but it is known by many other names like “hydrogen HHO car" or “Hydrogen assisted vehicle" but no matter what you call it, it is any ordinary vehicle that uses a hydrogen generator to supplement the fuel and increase gas mileage. Users of the hydrogen generators claim increased gas mileage to the tune of 50% and more better gas mileage.

Here's how it works: Cars already produce electricity in order to keep the battery charged. When you route that electric current through the hydrogen generator that is filled with water and baking soda, hydrogen and oxygen are produced which can greatly improve the efficiency of any gas engine. Its not just a matter of more fuel. Hydrogen is what is known by chemists as an An energy carrier. An energy carrier is a substance or phenomenon that can be used to produce mechanical work or heat or to operate chemical or physical processes. In layman's terms that means it has a 1 1=3 type effect when it is introduced in a car engine.

So Lets bottom line this:

* You can pay an arm and a leg for the BMW hydrogen powered car and sit on several tanks of liquid hydrogen like a space shuttle astronaut.

* You can get a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is environmentally friendly but have you seen any hydrogen refilling stations lately?

* Get a hydrogen generator conversion kit and reduce emissions and improve your gas mileage by 50%.

Life is full of tough choices. Isn't it nice when the choice is a no brainer?

For more information on hydrogen assisted cars , HHO gas, Hydrogen gas savers, visit


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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
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