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Any Car Can Run on Water


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Despite all the nay sayers that have never tried, it is a fact that any car can run on water. Thanks to advancements in water fuel technology you can, indeed, run any car on water. Let me explain how it works.

While you cannot literally run your car on water alone, you can use water to improve your gas mileage. I think it is important to distinguish the difference. A car that uses only water as fuel is still on the drawing boards. Unfortunately, by the time it finally hits the market gas prices may be at $10 per gallon! Until then, we will gladly accept the additional MPG we can get by using water to create an additive, or booster, to our gasoline.

A quart sized container is filled with water. Tap water is fine. An electrical current from your car battery is introduced and the combination of water and electricity forms a gas called HHO. The HHO is then introduced into the car's gasoline supply and the result is a mixing of molecules that causes the gasoline to burn cleaner and more completely. The end result is a cooler running engine, which will reduce the harmful pollutants, and an increase in gas mileage of up to 60%.

That is the simplified version of how it works. However, there is nothing all that simple about constructing a conversion kit to run your car on water. You will definitely need a set of complex plans. Thankfully, there are several being offered. Water4Gas is a very popular set of plans and it is extremely detailed. Other companies that are popular include DriveWater, HalfWater HalfGas and simply Run Your Car on Water. All of these plans offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can feel safe with any of them, but Water4Gas seems to offer the best technical support after the sale.

Any car can run on water if you have the blueprints to build a conversion kit. With gas prices on the rise with no end in sight, it seems to me to be a logical solution.

Are you ready to start laughing at high gas prices? Isn't it time you took action to save that hard earned money and quit funneling it into yout gas tank? Get the facts and learn the truth about Water Fuel Technology . Check it out now!


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