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Gas Prices, American Wheat and an Oil Sandwich

Jody Collier

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What do high gas prices, American Wheat, and an Oil sandwich have to do with one another? Give me a minute and I will tie it all together for you. Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations have a lot of oil, but no wheat. America has a whole lot of wheat and a great deal of oil but for some reason its OK for other countries to drill their brains out for oil anywhere on Gods green earth. So what about the Oil sandwich? Since we as Americans seem to be at the mercy of OPEC (organization of oil exporting countries) , I really think there should be an organization called OWEC (organization of wheat exporting countries). That way countries that export wheat could meet regularly and decide how much wheat to grow depending on how much money they wanted to make in a given year. Countries that have a large demand for wheat would have to pay dearly for it. Wheat prices should be figured on price per barrel instead of bushel. When oil goes up, wheat would go up too. Except Wheat prices would only go up in other non wheat producing nations. Who knows? Our American farmers might even be able to turn a profit with OWECs help.

OK, I have to stop now because I know nothing about economics. I am just cheesed off that OPEC is able to jerk the rest of the world around because they control something that is in such demand. We all know the Saudis have lots of oil that the rest of the world wants. But we also know, because the late Sam Kennison told us so, that food does not grow in Sand! so lets jack up the wheat prices and let them eat an oil sandwich.

OK , not really! but it felt good to say it anyway. If you want to do your part in saving gas, lessening Americas dependence on foreign oil, and helping the environment all at the same time, you should check into installing a HHO hydrogen generator kit on your car and save up to 50 percent on gas.

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