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What State Gives the Most Speeding Tickets?


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There can be very few things more annoying than being pulled over and having a speeding ticket slapped on you and your record the moment the needle points to just a fraction over fifty five miles per hour. You see this happening all the time, and you cannot help but wonder what they get out of it!

So haven't you ever wondered which state gives the most speeding tickets? And once you know which state gives the most speeding tickets, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that the traffic police in that state are very conscientious? Or does it mean that there are a whole lot of reckless drivers in the state?

Well, you can stop wondering which state gives the most speeding tickets - the straightforward answer is Ohio, according to the National Motorists Association, which, by the way, is an organization that has been trying to get the speeding limit increased. They believe, and they have plenty of supporters and vehement opposer's, that fifty five miles per hour is ridiculous.

The state that comes second in the list compiled by this organization that tells you which state gives the most speeding tickets is Pennsylvania. New York comes next, which is maybe surprising - you might reasonably have expected New York, one of the busiest places in the world, to top the list! Whether that means that people drive more carefully there, or that there is simply too much traffic on the roads to floor the pedal, is up to you to decide!

Next on this list comes sunny California - there is a good chance that all the celebrity traffic violations probably make up a good part of these speeding tickets! Judging by the number of scandals that the tabloid press digs up every day, this is not far fetched at all.

This is a top ten list of which state gives the most speeding tickets, and half way down the list is Texas. At number six is Georgia. At number seven on the list is Virginia.

Next, at number eight, is North Carolina. At number nine is Massachusetts, and at number ten in Connecticut.

Speeding tickets account for a solid source of revenue for all these states. You can get milked dry if you get too many - getting even one can set you back more than $400 to $450, including the increased insurance charges over the next year. In 1995, a limit was placed on how much can be collected through these speeding tickets in small towns, in Texas.

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Presumed Versus Absolute Speed Limits in Speeding Tickets
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