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How to Make Water to Gas Generators Save Money and Improve Fuel Economy!

Bruce Brennan

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As gas prices continue to crest well over “comfortable" levels, many people are having a difficult time coping. Some people are having to trade in their dream cars for more fuel efficient vehicles, others are having to make small adjustments to their every day lives, but one way or the other we are all affected by high gas prices. Luckily, thousands of people daily are discovering how to make water to gas generators to improve fuel economy in the vehicles they already own by up to 40%.

Since I'm sure you also have a vehicle that uses a bit more gas than you'd like, you should be eager to discover how to make water to gas generators for your own vehicles, just as thousands have already done.

Don't be mislead by the wording, you will not be converting water into gasoline. You will actually be making a water to gas generator that converts ordinary tap water into a hydrogen gas to supplement your fuel usage. This water-derived hydrogen gas is commonly know as HHO gas. Since you are not eliminating gasoline from the equation completely, there are no modifications required to your engine, regardless of if it is a gasoline or diesel engine.

To make water to gas generators, you will need a few core components which are the base of most designs. Most plans call for some type of water reservoir, tubing to carry the gas to the engine, electrical wiring, and of course water!

By sending an electrical current through water, the HHO gas is generated and bubbles to the top, where it is sucked into the engine via tubing that you run to your vehicle's air intake. From there, it mixes with gasoline in the combustion chamber resulting in a cleaner burn, better fuel economy, and in some cases more power.

Since there are no commercial options available at the time, the easiest and most cost efficient want to take advantage of water to gas generators (hydrogen gas savers) is to build your own.

Never Built Anything Like This Before?
Hey that's alright! Most people running these had never built one before either. If you're still a little fuzzy on how this works or how to build it, I highly suggest following one of the many guides that show you step-by-step, start-to-finish exactly how to build and install your own hydrogen gas saver. For your convenience, I've reviewed the Top 3 Guides available so you can decide which best fits your individual needs and budget.

Bruce Brennan is an expert in Fuel Economics and enjoys helping people just like you save gas every day. For more information including reviews, product comparisons, and fuel saving tips, visit his website: Hydrogen Gas Savers


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