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How to Get the Best Gas Mileage 5 Gas Saving Tips For Boosting Mileage Today


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Knowing how to get the best gas mileage (or at least save money as a car owner) is going to save you lots of cash not just during the next ten years of predicted gas price increases, but for the rest of your life.

The following 5 tips are going to make a serious difference over time, and can be use immediately without having to resort to buying a new car or modifying your existing vehicle.

Many people are coming to accept that although the feel strongly against gas prices being so ridiculously high, it's not something we can change. Therefore, the only realistic option is to either give up our pleasures (and our rights) to enjoy essential and liberal driving or try to save on the gas that is already in the tank.

Therefore, the following advice will not help you BUY cheaper gas, but will help you seal the hole in your wallet and stop money pouring out the bottom of it whilst at the pump. Some of these tips go beyond basic driving tips, and look at other ways you can save money with your car.

1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated

Although a standard practice for motorists, many of us allow the tyre pressure to decrease over time before we actually re-inflate. Make sure that you set a regular time to check and bring your tyres back up to the correct pressure. Furthermore, always make sure you are inflating the manufacturer's pressure guidelines, not just the “standard" pressures that everyone else uses!

2. Tuning and tweaking

One thing is for sure, a well tuned car runs better and consumes less petrol. Simple routine checks such as oil levels and air filters can help to save considerable amounts of wasted fuel consumption between fillups.

3. Avoid quick starts and stops

It has been tested and proven many times that quick starts and stops contribute to additional fuel fill ups. Try to pull away smoothly and get into the habit of doing so, along with stopping more gradually where possible.

4. Drive slowly and consistently

Ok, now I realize that we can't always drive slowly or that we even want to. But by reducing your speed just slightly, particularly where it makes sense to do so for safety reasons is always going to save pennies on each gallon. This technique will also make you a safer driver and could end up having huge benefits along the line outside of damaging your wallet with high gas prices.

5. Plan your routes (consolidate trips, choose longer routes over heavy traffic)

Even if you've been travelling the same route for years, perhaps it's time to plan a new route to avoid those stop starts and faster driving speeds. This technique can save the most money if you take the time to plan a better route that doesn't drain your gas so quickly. By planning your route you not only benefit from avoiding the other fuel guzzling traits listed above, but you can also prevent unnecessary extra mileage from taking wrong turns, or travelling back and forth collecting people and groceries etc.

Try using these techniques and you'll see that the pennies do add up really quickly. However, these are not the only things you can do to fight back against the fuel crisis and many techniques are being uncovered for saving huge amounts of cash at the pump. . .

With gas prices predicted to continually rise as the oil reserves continue to diminish, isn't it time you found a cheaper way to drive your car? Well, the secret is hypermiling and is quickly being touted as the genuine way to save serious cash at the pump. . .

Check out right now, and I will show you 10 more FREE tips you can immediately use that will save you even more pennies at the pump, plus how to immediately save up to 33% on every future fill up. . . guaranteed! Click here to save 33% on your next fill up!


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