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Which HHO Hydrogen Generator Guide is the Best?

Jody Collier

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HHO Hydrogen generator kits that are available on the internet are very popular right now, as you can imagine, due to soaring gas prices. What you may not know is that Hydrogen generator conversion kits are usually not kits at all. What they are is a downloaded manual that contains detailed instructions on how to make and install a Hydrogen Generator that improves your gas mileage.

There are several choices out there and of course you want to purchase the best one. For me the best one would be the one that works, but is simple and inexpensive to build. You can get a pretty good idea of what is involved just by examining the product websites in detail. The one that appears most often is Water4gas. But does that mean its the best? At around 97 dollars, Its definitely not the cheapest. But from what information is available on internet forums, water4gas provides a very thorough manual that leaves nothing to chance. Water4gas support is reported to be excellent so if you run into a snag in installing or building your hydrogen generator, customer support is not far away. Another frequently seen website is Runyourcarwithwater. This product is on sale right at the time of this writing (and maybe even indefinitely) for 47 dollars.

If you compare the two products: (water4gas and runyourcarwithwater) by the merits of the website only, you pretty much have to say the water4gas is more impressive. The website itself almost provides enough information to build a HHO generator unit but they are careful not to give away enough information to do that. Another product called makeahybrid claims that their guide is written using KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principles.

What it all boils down to is: Which HHO generator product design actually works? How much do materials cost to build the HHO device? How long does it take to build? and How clearly is the manual written?

Oh, I almost forgot one of the most important things to look for: Check how much amperage the HHO generator draws from the alternator. Some HHO hydrogen generators are designed to be built using twisted stainless steel wire and only draw 3 amps. Other HHO devices use stainless steel plates in the design and draw as much as 20 amps. Too much amperage draw can tax the alternator and make you spend all your gas savings on new alternators. You don't want that!

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Hydrogen Generator Plans How to Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator For Your Car
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