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What Can I Do to My Engine to Improve Gas Mileage? Improve Gas Mileage by Converting to HHO Gas


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What can I do to my engine to improve gas mileage? In one form or another, this is the question that is on the mind of millions of Americans across the country. If there was ever a time to “break the mold" in our thinking, it is now. We have been teased about high gas prices for sometime now; our reliance on traditional sources of fuel for our transportation and industrial needs has finally come full circle!

The answer to our question is HHO gas or hydrogen; it is quickly becoming the alternative fuel of choice for “informed people" who have grown tired of high gas prices. Thousands of people, despite what you hear on TV news, radio, or read in the newspaper, are using this technology successfully - right now. It is not just one of those rare inventions that some " mechanical genius" has developed for himself, leaving the rest of us at the mercy of the oil companies.

I always was told that if you ask a question, the Universe has already supplied the answer. What can I do to my engine to improve my gas mileage? Well, the answer has actually been around for 80 years, and in my opinion is the best method available for immediately improving your gas mileage.

You don't have to drop any pill or pour fluid into your gas system, or attach the latest and greatest gadget to your air filter. This water-powered technology is simple to implement and stands head and shoulder above other alternatives.

With just some basic mechanical skills, you can make the necessary conversion to your vehicle -without modifying your engine in any way. The parts can be easily purchased at the neighborhood hardware store for $200.00 or less. The guide, which contains the diagrams and written instructions for installing the system, is easy to understand.

Now that you've have an answer to the question, you'll need to determine if the benefits are worth the effort. Consider the following:

  • Traditional vehicles only burn 20% -30% of the energy actually created; the remainder goes into in the form of pollution. By contrast, HHO gas typically burns from 50% to 80% of the energy created. At the very least you can double your gas mileage; with some tweaking you can do even better.

  • You will notice a reduction in engine noise because this mixture of fuel causes the engine to run smoother.

  • You will get an added boost in horsepower.

  • You will spend less on overall maintenance as a result of burning cleaner fuel.

    What can I do to improve my gas mileage? This question needs to be asked by every person who uses traditional gasoline to fuel his or her vehicle. The answer given above can be the beginning of moving your family away from the financial clutches of oil companies and savings thousands of dollars. There are many excellent manuals that will provide you with the information you need to get started. The high price of gas motivated me to get on top of this concern; what are you waiting for?

    To discover more tips and information on how to increase mileage and make your own HHO fuel cell please visit Hydrogen Fuel Auto .

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    Improve My Gas Mileage and Improving Fuel Mileage
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