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HHO For Cars Run Your Car on Water


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If you haven't heard of HHO for cars yet, then you need to check it out! This new technology is saving a lot of people a lot of gas. Below, I've answered most of the questions that everyone is asking.

What is HHO?

HHO refers to a new technology that allows a car to run on part water and part gasoline. Generally, this process takes place in a special kit that can be installed in any car, truck, or suv. Once installed, an HHO kit will dramatically increase gas mileage by using normal water as fuel. HHO for cars is an incredible advancement in fuel technology that is changing the way people use gas.

How does an HHO kit work?

An HHO kit uses the energy contained in water to fuel your engine! Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. HHO stands for hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen. This is the chemical make-up of water. When these elements are extracted from water in an HHO kit, they can be mixed with gasoline to create a potent fuel blend. Hydrogen is packed with energy and oxygen is necessary for combustion. As you can imagine, the new fuel blend is much more powerful and will last much longer. Gas mileage can be doubled on your current vehicle with one of these kits.

Is this a good idea?

HHO kits are very practical. Installing a kit is extremely easy and there is no risk of damage to your car. If you decide you don't want the kit anymore, you can remove it and your car is back to normal. Also, HHO kits are very affordable. Most kits can be installed for around $100 or less. The kit will pay for itself because you will most likely double your gas mileage!

Where can I get an HHO kit?

HHO kits and instructions on installation can only be found online. Patent restrictions are keeping this out of stores for a while. For information on where to buy these kits and instructions, see the link below.

Information on where to get HHO kits ->


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