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Making HHO The Solution to High Gas Prices


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HHO technology has advanced to the point that normal people are able to harness the power of water and dramatically increase their gas mileage on any normal car. This article answers most of the basic questions about HHO and how to equip your car with this amazing technology.

How do you make HHO fuel?

HHO fuel is created by running water through an electrolyzer. An electrolyzer pulls out the individual hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water which are very useful as a fuel. Hydrogen is packed with energy and highly flammable like gasoline. Oxygen is the essential component for combustion. When both of these gases come together, you get a very potent fuel. In order to use these gases in a normal car, HHO gases are mixed with gasoline creating a fuel blend that will burn for much longer than standard gasoline. The result is much higher gas mileage on your vehicle! Most kits estimate that gas mileage will be doubled.

How do you convert a car to run with water?

HHO kits can be installed in any gasoline powered car. That includes cars, trucks, and suvs. An HHO kit will convert water into the necessary fuel blend and send it straigt to your engine. Kits are generally very easy to install and the process is completely reversable if you decide to take it off. Once installed, you will get extremely good gas mileage which saves you a lot of money at the pump.

How much do they cost and where do I get them?

HHO kits are very affordable! Most kits can be set up for less than $100. Currently, kits are only available online due to patent restrictions. For information on these kits and where to get them, see the link at the bottom of this article.

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Benefit From High Gas Prices - Even More Benefits From High Gas Prices
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