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HHO For Gas How to Turn Water Into Fuel!


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HHO technology has finally been developed that lets average people like you and me run our cars with water! Below I have answered most of the important questions about this new technology.

How does HHO for gas work?

HHO stands for hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen. This is the chemical recipe for water. When water is broken down into its basic components, it turns into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. HHO technology converts water into these two important gasses and mixes them with your car's fuel. Hydrogen is very flammable and will greatly improve your gas mileage! This fuel blend will not only save you gas, but it will help the environment too!

How do you convert a car to use hho technology?

To run your car with water, you much first install an HHO generator in your engine. Using a special HHO kit, you can easily set up a HHO generator in your cars engine. HHO kits can be used in any car, truck, or suv. Once installed, you simply add water and let it work! The kit will save tons of money in gas and uses very little water.

Is this a practical thing to do to my car?

HHO kits are very affordable. Also, the process is completely reversable. If you don't want to use HHO for gas any more, you simply remove it. Once you start saving money with one of these kits, you will never look back! The technology is getting very popular these days. More and more people are installing these in their cars.

Where do I get a kit?

Kits are available online direct from the manufactorers. Unfortunately, due to patent laws, this won't be available in stores for a while. The good news is that the kits available are very high quality and cheap! For a list of kits, see the link below.

HHO conversion kits -


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Water Fuel Car - Amazing Benefits Of A Water Fuel Car - Save Gas, Driver Greener
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