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Save Money Running Your Car on More Water Than Gas


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If you have just heard about cars running on water, it is late news, but this news will continue to be current for a long time; never mind that extracting gas from water has been around for over 90 years.

A Dr. Brown of blessed memory invented the water for gas or hho gas technology successful over 90 years ago, but it was also successfully hidden by the moguls of commerce and industry aided by Governments to deny you the potential for being less dependent on the gas.

All nations of the world depend on gas for both industrial and commercial energy including personal motoring. The producers of such a commodity are so powerful that they lobby hard to have their way in all matter that affects the production and sales of gas.

Truly, a lot of investments have gone into both the exploration/upstream and downstream sectors of the international fossil fuel industry, and the gas cartel that practically runs the economies of the world in conjunction with the politicians cannot allow the existence of such a potential competitor as water for gas.

This is why water for gas technology is not well known. Another problem faced by this technology is that it's inconceivable to hear that you can run your car with water, even though the literal impression is quite misleading. You do not really run your car with water but your car when converted makes its own hho gas from a little quantity of water in water for gas container installed in your engine.

Engines and plants run on gas one hundred percent. But when converted they begin to run on just 50% gas and the other 50% on hho gas produced as current from your battery causes electrolysis to take place in the electrolysis container to produce hho gas as your engine runs.

So your skepticism about waterforgas technology works in the interest of big business and their associates who are not suffering from the present high cost of gas, instead they are making unprecedented sums of money as profit margins this time around. Scary as it is the on going high cost of gas may never be halted again. The entire cartel and their Government associates are not losing anything. You are the one holding the can.

It is very extraordinary today how far the price of gas has gone up above the reach of folks. Gas has now topped the $4 mark and still the end is not at site. You will do yourself a world of good to take a closer look at waterforgas technology so that you, should without further delay take advantage of this technology and begin saving over 50% on your gas cost.

I just want to leave you with this: If you continue to doubt the genuineness of waterforgas technology without verifying its authenticity, you will continue to support the gas cartel at your own expense. Conversely if you take just a little time to verify the technology you will definitely see what made me to convert my own cars to run on more water than gas. I have been saving 50% of gas cost on daily basis and you too should, don't you think so?

Charles Neshah has written several useful articles such as SUVs Are Not Bad On Fuel Consumption and a helpful information on How To Save Money On Gas Prices is a succinct verification of waterforgas technology.


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Build a Hydrogen Generator Save $1000s in Gas Costs by Running Your Car on Water
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