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Water, Water, Fuel Alternative Fuels and You

Sylvia Rolfe

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There are a lot of different types of alternative fuels but none so popular as that of water. No this isn't science fiction, we are talking the same water that flows in rivers and runs from your tap. No additives needed, no special water required. And the best part, we don't have to spend thousands of dollars on some new space age vehicle, we don't even have to spend hundred of dollars! So how exactly can we begin our transition into the future?

Well to start, the technology will work on your current vehicle. For the initial cost of the parts and a manual on how to do it we can quickly and cost effectively begin to save ourselves on gas and minimize our impact on the environment. We don't even need a mechanical aptitude either! (But if we are too nervous to do it ourselves a classic mechanic can have our new water hybrid vehicle up and running in no time flat. )

How can we use water as fuel?

In truth it is not the water that is being used as fuel it is a subcomponent of water. One of the parts of the water hybrid conversion kits is a piece that will utilize a current from the cars battery to break down the water into HHO or Browns gas. This combustible gas is then used to fuel the vehicle. This can save us over 40% on gas. Think about it this way, if we spend say $300 a month on gas and save 40% in just our first month of using the water hybrid we will have an extra $120 in pocket and the system will have paid for itself. Not a bad investment at all. But think about how great the savings are in a year, that is almost $1500 a year at our previous example.

And there are even more advantages to changing to a water hybrid vehicle!

Our emissions are reduced as well so we are no longer pumping as much carbon into our air and using water as an alternative fuel to gasoline can also help us to restore our engine by removing carbon build up so even when we are running on gasoline we are still getting better fuel efficiency!

There are many types of alternative fuels and many new things we can use to power our vehicles but water just makes sense. If water for fuel makes sense to you click here .


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Water Fuel An Alternative Source of Fuel For Your Car
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