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Ways to Save Petrol Use Water As Alternative Fuel


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Many drivers around the world have been asking the question, what is the best ways to save petrol? The question is becoming more and more relevant due to the rising fuel costs around the world. The era of cheap energy has passed and we can either use the current ones more efficiently or find an alternative energy source. This article will shed some light on a unique energy source that is cheap and easily obtainable, it is water.

How can we replace petrol with water? The answer is, we can't. Scientifically, water is not combustible like gasoline or petrol. However, one component of water which is hydrogen gas (H2) is highly flammable and combustible. The way we can use this energy source is to mix it with conventional petrol vapor in the combustion chambers of the engine to produce power.

H2 mixed with petrol can generate a higher power output from the engine. With bigger torque, a car can travel further with the same amount of fuel in the tank. This mean better fuel mileage thus increase efficiency and cost savings.

What we need now is to find a way to extract H2 from water. This can be done by building a simple electrolysis device. Electrolysis is the process of passing electricity through water to separate the oxygen component from the hydrogen molecules. The hydrogen gas collected is to be channeled into the air intake of the engine. When H2 is burnt in the engine, the only by product is pure water discharged from the exhaust pipe.

To build the electrolysis device is quite easy. All the parts are readily available from a hardware store. Before you start the conversion process, you will need good instructional guide books. These guides are easily obtained from the internet. It is advisable for you to get someone with some automotive skills to help you. In the long run, converting your car to run on water will save you thousand of dollars a year.

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Water For Gas - The Best Fuel Alternative Until They Clone a Fuel Free Herbie
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