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How Close is the Water Powered Car to Providing a Boost to the Fight Against Global Warming?


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Forget improving your mpg with some kind of technology boost. How about we just all use water as gas for cars to get rid of emission problems, global warming, and smog tests forever. Unfortunately, consumer level water powered cars are still a theoretical construct at best. The water powered car would indeed be the solution to a myriad of problems relating to the automobile industry.

So far attempts at making a water powered car have run into two problems. The first is that it is a very complex process for which no simple implementation has been found. The second is that even theoretical implementations of the water powered car would be far too expensive for a significant number of people to own one.

In the mean time, if the fight against global warming is important to you, or if you just want to save money, you will be interested to know that hybrid water powered technology is making good strides. Testing has shown that this can greatly improve the fuel economy of cars. Naturally this helps to reduce fuel emissions as well. Cars and trucks from Toyota, Cadillac, and Ford have all shown improvements in excess of 50%. It is even possible to modify used cars to use this hybrid technology.

Some have described this new hybrid water powered car technology as a refreshing breath of fresh air, literally. You may smell the difference in your car's emissions. What shocks most people is that in many cases the power and performance of the car can be improved with this technology. Part of the improvement in car performance can be attributed to a reduction in carbon deposits. Also, the water naturally keeps the engine temperature lower. The engines tend to run quieter. Durability of many components may be improved by this technology, including the bearings, valves, pistons, and transmission.

Little Known Facts About the Water Powered Car

The efficiency of using water can be found in how the molecules expand into gas form. Few people realize just how much expansion takes place. One jar of hho liquid can be expanded into 1833 gallons of gas. That would power some cars for months if fully implemented.

The water powered car would actually release oxygen as a byproduct instead of various carbon containing gases. So while you're driving down the road saving money on fuel, you're giving off a breath of fresh air to those around you.

While we wait for cars that run for months on a gallon of water and give off fresh air, we will have to make due with hybrids. While hybrids don't solve the problems the water powered car can solve, it does greatly reduce many of these problems.

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