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Why is Our Congress Not Supporting HHO Technology?


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Our congressional leaders are feverishly at work trying to stem the rise in gasoline pricing. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house, is touting the 2007 legislature that give automakers until 2020 to get their car mileage up to 35 miles per gallon. This is after giving automakers, since the last major oil crisis of the seventy's, time to increase their automobile mileage. The automakers responded by giving us the SUV and Pickup Truck.

Recently Nancy Pelosi with other members of congress have been debating whether to open new areas for oil companies to drill for more pricey oil. Also they are debating whether local gas retailers are price fixing or price gouging. Nancy Pelosi should realize that the free market is preventing that. If there is price gouging or price fixing have the attorney general investigate, there are anti monopoly laws already on the books.

Nancy Pelosi is proud that congress passed the Farm Bill, H. R. 6124. One of the immediate effects of this law is a food shortage. Farmers are now able to sell their full crop to biofuel manufactures. Biofuel manufactures have only been able to turn out an additive of ethanol that refiners of oil have added to gasoline at an extra cost to us consumers. We keep hearing how biofuel is to costly in comparison to gasoline.

It is time that Nancy Pelosi and other congressmen start advising us of alternate ways of saving our economy. Let them start working for the people of the United States and not the oil and automobile companies.

There is a revolutionary new fuel system for all automobiles. No company owns the product. It uses the most basic resource in the world, WATER. The technology is in the public domain and used by many car racers since the mid ninety's. Hydrogen from water has proven to be an effective booster to automobile miles per gallon output of any new or old automobile. The consumer for less then fifty dollars can manufacture the device.

Recently the team of people who discovered this technology are talking with some auto manufactures. Where are our congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi in speaking out about this new technology? Your congressmen will never promote this technology because it will affect the oil company's bottom line. We have safe and working technology in existence today that can help us spend less on gasoline and at the same time it has no environmental effect but a by product of water.

Forget about congress, oil companies, and auto manufactures, leading us to a new era in combustible fuels. Install this device on your vehicle and start the revolution. Force congress to keep the technology in public domain and prevent any one company from gaining control.


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