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Congress Gloats Over 2020 Law


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Many of our young drivers do not remember our major oil crises of the seventy's. Price rose so fast that many of the gas stations had pumps that could not handle charging more than one dollar. Many station owners had to buy new pumps. Congress enacted laws that were supposed to force automobile manufactures to increase their miles per gallon for their vehicles. Congressman were touting that this will have automobile manufactures producing cars that give us 50 miles per gallon and possibly even 100 miles per gallon.

Thirty years later we have congress patting themselves on the back for passing a law that is suppose to force manufactures to produce cars getting thirty five miles per gallon in 2020, twelve years from now, As gasoline prices stabilize at some level these same congressman will, as they did in the past, find a loophole for the automobile manufactures to wiggle out of attaining these lofty goals.

The American people are fickle group of people that are easily led away from topics that do not affect them immediately. That is why the automotive lobbyist are sitting around saying this will pass too. They know you will forget about this in a year or so and they can get congress to back track on this law. They have done it in the past.

You should be asking yourself why congress is giving the automobile twelve years to obtain a goal that they should have attained twelve years ago. Do your own investigation and follow the trail of money. Instead of having more economical automobiles to operate we were given the SUV. Look how many Hummers are listed in the classified ads today.

You do not have to wait for the automobile manufactures or congress to pass another unenforceable law. Get better gas mileage today. Try out the new hydro supplementary fuel system now. It is has a proven track record with racecar drivers. Automakers are so afraid of the technology that they are negotiating with the founder in trying to patent the process so that they can take it out of the public domain and suppress it.

Even as our government has run many test on the process and the process has passed every test. The government makes no statements or acknowledges the benefits the common person would gain.

Take matters into your own hands and install this system on every combustible engine you have. You will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits you will obtain. Since the system is considered environmentally safe you could possibly get a tax refund. You will pass every emission test with flying colors as the only by product of the system is water. Buy that hummer at a cheap discount and install an HHO system in it now.


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