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Water Powered Car Defies the Laws of Physics Or Does It?

Jody Collier

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My head is on fire. I am cheesed off. I just finished reading an article at ecogeek where some egghead pontificated as to why a water powered car would never work, and could never work and that all the adds for hydrogen conversion kits are scams. I have heard it all before, " It defies the first law of physics. It is impossible to get more energy out than what goes in" Blah, Blah, yakitty schmackity.

Well Mr. egghead, let me ask you this: How much energy goes into making gasoline? and Does it combust with 100 percent efficiency? or is there potential energy that is being wasted and sent out the tailpipe? If the gasoline burns with 100 percent efficiency, what is the catalytic converter for?

Can you handle the truth? The truth is that the gasoline powered automobile is not very efficient. Unburned gas fumes go right out the tailpipe. Catalytic converters are required on vehicles to help burn those fumes so they wont pollute the air. But burning those fumes does not help your gas mileage. In fact, the restrictive nature of the catalytic converter can actually hurt your gas mileage.

HHO gas, which is hydrogen and oxygen gas, added to the fuel air mixture that burns in your car, greatly increases the combustion efficiency and gets more energy out of the gasoline because the potential energy is already there. HHO gas can be produced by using the electric current your cars alternator already makes to recharge the battery. The electricity is passed through a water solution and creates HHO, or hydrogen and oxygen gas which is very combustible. This is a known fact. Even eggheads don't argue this point.

Maybe Mr. egghead is only speaking about the claims that some hydrogen cars are able to run on water alone. I don't know or even care about those hydrogen cars. When a simple device that can be made from Home Depot Hardware can use plain water to get 50 percent better gas mileage, I can't even think about spending thousands for a hydrogen car. Why argue the point of whether a car can run on water alone, when a great idea that works is staring you in the face.

I hope everyone takes advantage of this technology and enjoys a gasoline and water powered car. Thousands of people are already experiencing great results and are now seen on YouTube and other video sites excited about their hydrogen assisted car that runs on water. Not water alone, but gasoline too, just less gas.

And for all the naysayers out there who say it can't be done, please move to the back of the line to make room for the people who are doing it.

For more information on how to make a water powered car , HHO gas, Hydrogen conversion, visit


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