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Run Car on Water Quick Guide on How to Build a Water For Fuel Kits For Your Water Powered Car


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Top car manufacturer like, BMW and Honda are researching for water powered car and they have the in principle concept to get it work! But the super-complicated technology that will take another 20 or 30 years to make common and affordable for public!

In fact, “Water for Fuel" kits are already available and you can have it install TODAY in a few hours without engine modifications! By doing so, you will able to convert your car into water powered car and allow it to run car on water!

Nowadays, you can find hard-to apply textbooks or fuel savers devices that make it hard or impossible for you to save fuel or increase your car mileage per gallon. I am sharing with you the core components based on Water4Gas design, this is to help you understand how simple you can make your car to run on water!

Two quart-size highly durable glass jars - An Invention that make use of two quart-size highly durable glass jars with distilled water, Pure Baking Soda as well as tap water and hydrogen peroxide!

Electrolyzer - The Electrolyzer is the heart of the system that generates HHO and cools down the engine

Vaporizer - As the “Water for Fuel" kit is operated by vacuum pressure from your car engine, vaporizer will help you to get the highest vacuum.

Fuel Heater - This component will help you to pre-heats your gasoline. The purpose is for better gas economy and increases your mileage per gallon.

PCV Enhancer - PCV Enhancer is to protect your engine, save gas and improve the PCV function

Catalyst - Also called Household Baking Soda. The typical bag is 3.8 oz and is enough for 6-10 months of normal driving.

It is that simple; you can get the parts from your nearby stores and get it install within a day with the right guide to help you.

Based on the statistics, your gas mileage will be up to 50% with the “Water for fuel" kits. In others words, you won't visit the fuel stations that often!

Check out some video on how people convert their car into a Water Powered Car ? Once you are ready to act on it, check out the best run car on water guide which will help you to perform the task!


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HHO Fuel Kits How to Build HHO Fuel Kits to Run Car on Water
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