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How to Use Diesel Fuel Additives to Save You Money

Randy Vanderveen

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The basic concept behind diesel fuel additives is simple: you place them in your fuel tank where they interact with the diesel in order to make your diesel powered vehicle more fuel efficient. However, that is not the end of the story. Using diesel fuel additives or catalysts can also save and even make you money on many other fronts as well.

Properly implemented, fuel additives and catalysts can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair fees on your vehicle. Part of the benefit of these types of additives is that they cause fuel to burn more cleanly and more completely, so less residue, grime and carbon build up is left behind to clog up your engine. As a result, your engine will run more efficiently and there will be less wear and tear on all of the inner workings of your vehicle. In fact, using diesel fuel additives can actually significantly decrease the number of times you have to take even an old vehicle into the shop each year. This is not to say that you should not routinely service your car, but fuel additives can serve as a preventative tool to guard against major mechanical problems.

Because diesel fuel additives cause fuel to burn more cleanly, they also help the environment and - more directly related to your wallet - can help older cars pass difficult emissions tests required by state, local and federal governments. If you fail an emissions test you can be prohibited from even driving your car away from the testing center as well as facing fines and additional fees or taxes for your engine's failure. Many times even well maintained engines can fail these tests if they are running on a “bad" tank of fuel, and you may have to make costly repairs to rectify a simple mistake if that bad tank falls on a testing day. Using diesel fuel additives helps keep your entire engine running efficiently and can cut exhaust emissions by as much as 80 percent - enough to keep almost any car on the road.

Finally, some of the best diesel fuel additives come with a unique money making opportunity. Because diesel additives in particular are a new and relatively unique product, successful examples are not yet very common. People who can vouch first hand for such products have a huge advantage when it comes to sales and promotions, so if you find a good diesel additive be sure to check and see if you can sell it on commission or even as an associate of the company.

If you would like to increase gas mileage and performance in your vehicle and capitalize on an exploding demand for a solution to high gas prices and reduced pollution with the “Going Green" movement while creating a full time income online, visit Randy's marketing website .

About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs by showing people how to save money on gas, help the environment, and duplicate themselves online.


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