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Water Fuel The Next Generation Fuel Save Money, Save the Environment


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How much of your budget are you spending on gasoline? As a consumer, what can you do to stop the escalating gas prices which eat into your savings? Is there no alternative solution to this money guzzling monster? Such questions often haunt you every time the oil index soars. So what is the solution to this eternal problem?

Water fuel technology has brought a revolution in this field by introducing a cheaper and a much efficient source of fuel. In addition to this, this alternative is also very easily available. It is ordinary tap water.

This is why water stands as a better source of energy than fuel:

  • 80% of the energy from gasoline is dissipated into inefficient routes like vibrations, heat, and exhaust gases. Only a minute 20% drives your car.

  • Water, present in gasoline provides huge stocks of energy.

  • Water is converted to HHO gas, also known as Brown's Gas or Hydroxy; which posses 3 times more potential than gasoline.

  • The vehicle battery, a source of electricity converts water to Hydroxy which is a stable and powerful gas.

    Taking this debate on a bigger level, as a citizen, how are you ensuring a cleaner environment for our generation and many more to come? The exhaust gases emitted by such fuels are a threat to the protective ozone layer. The chief causes of global warming are also being pointed towards the emissions of such dangerous fuels. Water engines are known to be environment friendly as the emissions are just water vapor.

    But how can a consumer avail of these advantages when his investment in cars and availability of cars are both restricted to supply of gasoline vehicles in the market? Does he have to wait for Toyotas and Audis to come up with new hydrogen fuel engine variants in the market?

    Renovating your gas monster to a water fuel car is only a simple procedure that can convert your gas eating car to a water engine. The procedure is a simple because any person having experience with cars can make the modifications. Tests have shown an increase in efficiency of the cars by use of water 4 gas.

    Moreover, the procedure is entirely reversible and you can bring the car back to its original design. This ensures that you vehicle's guarantee still holds well.

    Such conversions to water powered cars would cost $150-$300 (inclusive of costs of all parts). A heavy car user, who spends $2000 on gasoline, can save $1000 thereby recovering the cost of the procedure instantly.

    On this blog you can get a free sample of a downloadable guide that describes the procedure in a very comprehensive, simple and methodical way:

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    Are You Ready to Save Thousands on Fuel? Convert Your Car to Use Water As Fuel
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