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Water Fuel For Cars Save Yourself Money and Help Save the Planet


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Water fuel for cars is the talk of the town. What most people don't know is that this technology has been around for many years. Some people have been silently saving thousands of dollars and doing their bit for the environment. Until the current oil crisis there was no need for the secret to come out but now people are demanding alternatives to expensive gasoline and water fuel for cars is the solution.

So what are the benefits of using water fuel for cars? And are there any risks? Let's get to the risks first. Due to the popularity of this technology there are some unscrupulous people out there on the internet writing guides on converting your car to water fuel. The bad part is that these people have no scientific of mechanical knowledge. They are only in it for the money. You can spot these scams from a mile away so make sure you stay away from them. If you avoid the hoaxes and scams and get your information from credible sources then there are no risks whatsoever in setting up and using water fuel for cars.

There are so many benefits to running your car on water, or HHO as it is official known.

1. Increase your gas MPG

It is possible to increase your MPG by up to 35%, sometimes even higher depending on the car you drive. This goes for both highway and city driving and can translate into amazing savings every week, month and year.

2. Improved engine performance

Water fuel for cars is cleaner than gas. It will cause less engine wear and this results in better performance. People have also commented on an increase in power. Even if performance is not important to you, you can't argue with the cost benefits of a clean, healthy engine; it means less maintenance costs and a longer lasting car.

3. Help global warming

Greenhouse gas emissions are the biggest cause of global warming and besides coal power stations, gasoline powered cars are a big culprit. There are millions of cars on the road everyday contributing to the warming of the globe, resulting in loss of habitat for wildlife and other dire consequences on humans like health fears. The most people who convert to a water fuel system, the less greenhouse gas will be emitted everyday. Over time this could literally mean we are saving the earth from serious damage.

4. Tax savings

US residents can benefit from an IRS law which states that tax refunds can be received from “green fuels" or “green upgrades" to cars. Other countries may have similar tax benefit laws so it pays to check with your authorities as this can result in a substantial saving over time.

Water fuel for cars is beneficial in so many ways, there is no excuse not to be using it.

If you're tired of being a pawn of the oil companies and wish to power your vehicle on your own terms and your own budget, then it's obvious that you need an alternative fueling solution, such as water power or hydrogen power. If that is indeed the case and you truly wish to save money and help protect the environment, then you should visit , a highly popular website about water fuel for cars .


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