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Water Fuel Kits For Cars 7 Compelling Reasons to Use Water As Fuel


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Continually-soaring oil prices have become a deep-seated fear of many car owners. This has compelled many to seek out alternatives to beat the rising pump prices. There is hope yet. Water fuel kits for cars are fast gaining popularity for helping drivers save money on gas. The technology behind this is also stirring up a lot of buzz within the alternative fuel industry.

There are 7 compelling reasons and benefits in using water as fuel.

1. You get greatly enhanced fuel efficiency. Water itself is not a fuel substitute. Through electrolysis, the water fuel kit produces HHO gas (also known as hydroxy) from water. When injected into the air intake to mix with gasoline, a highly efficient fuel blend is created. This increases fuel efficiency and you get more miles per gallon. An American car owner driving a 1997 Ford f-250 V8 has been using a home-made water fuel conversion kit. His vehicle's fuel efficiency increased from 12 MPG to an impressive 22 MPG (an 83% increase!).

2. A greater MPG also means you save more money on gas. Many drivers are reportedly saving thousands of dollars per year. By using “green technology", you can also claim IRS rebates of $2000 for a typical car, and a bigger sum for larger vehicles like trucks. This means more savings for you!

3. A water fuel kit is easy to assemble and install. You can set up one on your own in a few hours, using a good set of blueprints downloadable from the Internet. All the parts and materials needed are readily available from your local hardware store for less than $100.

4. The conversion kit is suitable for any vehicle that runs on gasoline or diesel.

5. No modification to the car engine is needed. You can easily reverse the installation without any trace, and keep your car manufacturer's warranty intact.

6. The clean-burning HHO-gasoline mixture eliminates build-up of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and reduces harmful emissions. You play a big role in saving the environment.

7. Your car engine runs more smoothly and enjoys a longer lifespan. You also enjoy lower maintenance costs.

Water fuel kits can be easily assembled at low cost. This is a small initial investment that will reap you benefits many times over. With this marvel kit, you no longer need to pay through your nose every time you refill at the gas stations.

Are high gas prices taking a toll on your finances? Alternative fuel specialist Isache Chew invites you to learn how you can reduce your gas expenses and save $1000s by installing a water fuel kit in your car. Now read his expert review of the Best Water Fuel Kit Guides on the Internet at and beat the oil companies at their own game!


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