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10 Quick Ways to Save Money on Gas

Dave Peck

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1. Lighten up. Leadfooting at 120 Km per hour instead of 100 will cut your fuel economy by 10%.

2. Avoid the rush hour. Plan trips or stagger your work hours to minimize stop-and-go traffic, which burns more gas than going at a steady speed.

3. Take a load off. Carrying an extra 50 Kg in the trunk cuts fuel economy by 1%.

4. Use your overdrive. If you have a manual transmission, shift up as soon as possible.

5. Keep an eye on your tire pressure. For every 3 pounds below the recommended tire pressure, fuel economy drops about 1%.

6. Keep your car tuned up. A clogged air filter can cut ‘mileage’ by as much as 20%; a faulty oxygen sensor can cut it by up to 40%.

7. Use the most efficient grade of oil for your car. Using 10W-30 in an engine designed for 5W-30 can cut mileage by 1% to 2%.

8. Use regular gasoline unless your owner's manual says otherwise. High-octane fuel won't improve performance in cars that don't require it.

9. Park in the shade. Fuel evaporates more quickly in direct sun, and air conditioners need more fuel to cool hot interiors.

10. Buy gasoline in the morning. Gas is sold by volume and liquids are more dense when cool *wink*


- The truth about gas additives

Gas additives. . . you're either a believer or you're not. But here's one un-debatable fact about gas additives. . . they're all designed to clean your vehicle's engine from the accumulation of “junk". . . when you're running clean, your vehicle optimizes gas use.

When you read the directions on the gas additive, you'll see that it treats a certain amount of gas. When you figure out the numbers, you'll realize it's quite expensive to ‘treat’ each litre of gas. In most cases you'd need to increase your fuel consumption many times over to break even and cover the cost of the treatment.

A Better Idea. . . Use gas additives during colder weather so as to clean your engine from the adverse affects of “Winter" gas and get regular servicing by a professional is an even better idea still.

- Save gas with cruise control

Here's another myth. . . cruise control uses more gas. (False!) Enabling your cruise control on the open highways and on long trips actually increases your fuel economy. The cruise control's computer is much more efficient keeping a steady speed than even the best drivers. Exception: Cruise control hasn't been perfected for driving uphill.

About Peck Brother Ltd: Dave Peck is the owner operator of Peck Brothers Ltd, a full service accredited automotive service and repair facility in Thornhill Ontario. With over 30 years experience, and thousands of happy customers to their credit, Peck Brothers is proud to serve the local community of Thornhill and the surrounding areas. If you live locally and would like to discover what makes this automotive repair facility so special, drop by in person or visit us on the web at and remember to sign up for our free newsletter to get more great articles, tips and special money saving offers.


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