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Gas Prices Are Outrageous But Do We Really Have it That Bad?


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In the United States, gas prices are at an outrageous high. They are largely effecting many facets of life. Food prices are skyrocketing, airline prices are going up, and I just read in the local newspaper the other day that even speeding tickets are down because people are driving slower to save money on gas!

But do we really have it that bad?

Gas Prices In the USA

The EIA (Energy Information Administration) reports for June 2008 that the average price of premium gasoline in the USA averaged $4.31/gallon. Just 10 years ago, in June 1998, they report that the premium gas prices averaged only $1.24! That's quite a difference.

Gas Prices In Other Countries

But did you know?

In the UK, in June 1998, the price of premium gasoline was already as high as $4.05/gallon! Guess what it is now, ten years later, in 2008. It's a whopping $8.79/gallon!

But the UK doesn't even have it that bad. In Belgium, for June 2008, gas prices were as high as $9.02/gallon for premium gasoline! But in the Netherlands, still in June 2008, gas prices for premium gasoline were as high as $9.95/gallon. These are just averages!

Tips To Save On Gas

For the past 10 years, gas prices have been on a steady rise. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be turning back. Even so, there are ways we can combat the ever rising climb of gas prices.
  • Carpool - You can cut the cost of gas prices in half just by carpooling with another person! This works great if one of your coworkers lives nearby you. Meet up before work and save money on gas!
  • Drive Slower - Did you know that by driving between 55-65mph instead of 65-75mph it is more fuel efficient? Slow it down!
  • Buy on Tuesday's - Many say that Tuesday's are the best day of the week to buy gas. Gas stations tend to increase prices a bit more once the weekend comes.

In the US, gas prices are bad. No doubt. But it could be worse couldn't it?

You can save on gas by finding the cheapest gas prices in your local area by using a free, simple tool called Gas Finder !


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