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Run Your Car on Water Scam of the Decade

Dan Morton

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I still can't believe my eyes - I see more and more of these “infosites" extolling the virtues of running your car on water - articles, too! “Get 40% better gas mileage" and “reduce pollution" are several of my favorite claims. “Newscasts" showing some quirky scientist burning holes in stones using a torch fed by some mysterious gas - all the while holding the hot torch like a warm burrito. There is even some scientific bickering over the gas called “Brown's Gas" or “HHO" because of the dubious nature of its discovery and scams like this. The one thing I've never seen is an independently verified scientific test performed with one of these kits. There's a reason you'll never see a test like this - real engineers and scientists know this is a scam, and the “technology" is just another way to lighten your wallet.

Don't you think that if the car companies could make a car that got 40% better fuel economy just by bolting up $100 worth of hardware, they'd be all over it like white on rice? Of course - if the consumer demanded it, the market would provide. The reason that it ain't happening in Detroit is that it does not work.

Here are some simple facts about the “HHO" or “Brown's Gas" craze and why it's a sham;
  • Your car's puny electrical system plain can't generate enough electrical current to make the gas. That impressive jelly jar and pieces of wire attached to your car are all a waste - hope things don't short out and cause a fire!
  • Most cars on the road are fuel injected - adding some kind of flammable gas (that's IF you could generate some, which you can't) would mess with your computer-controlled engine. Your car could have a brain-drain trying to figure out what to do. Can you say “Warranty Voided?"
  • If you REALLY want a car that runs on hydrogen, get a fuel cell car. Since the technology is kinda new, these cars are mighty scarce. But, if you have an extra $600/month (and Hollywood connections) get yourself to a Honda dealership (in California) and try to get a new Honda Clarity FCX. Since only 200 cars will be imported this year, the waiting list may be a tad long. Don't give up hope - I believe that the fuel cell will be one of our future sources of automotive propulsion and carmakers are making great strides in development of the technology. Just don't get rid of your gas-powered chariot - yet.

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Car Running on Water - Is Water 4 Gas Scam?
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