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The Exciting Chronicle of the Classic Mustangs, How the Legend Began


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For many automobile lovers, the Mustang is considered to be one of the best. But what transpired to make this happen? Well, it all commenced back in April of 1964. Lee Iacocca, the General Manager of Ford Motor Company, always thought of producing a middle sized sports car and endorsing it as the next champion in street wars. But Ford decided to go for broke and conceive an all new breed of automobile. What was born of Iacocca's budding inspiration is the “Pony Car". It was planned, in the beginning, as a two-seater modeled after the European-style, but a business-minded Iacocca knew that the future of this new model depended on quantity sales. Thus the design was modified further and the Ford Mustang was modeled after the Falcon, which was smaller in design, so that assembly overhead could be lowered. This new vehicle was originally named P-51, after the famous fighter plane. But, quite a number of resemblances were made to the Mustang, a category of equine and it eventually became both hallmark and theme to the cars. True to its namesake, the Mustang sold 22,000 units on the very first day of it's introduction and went on to sell a million more within the next few years thus gaining the attention of both the industry and car lovers during that time.

By the time 1966 came rolling in, the Mustang was developed yet again. They changed the design of the instrument panel to differentiate the Mustang from the Falcon. The 260 cubic inch V8 was also substituted with 2 and 4 barrel types of the 289 cid V8. A year later, a total face lift transpired in the design of the Mustang, these changes include a thicker sheet metal below its belt line, a more menacing grille, a hollow tail panel, and a fastback roof line for the fastback model of the vehicle's body. These 1967 Shelby's were more perfected in terms of design. It also had more elements that provided luxury to the passenger. The 1967 Shelby's were the last to be designed by the Shelby-American Company. Every model subsequent were built by Ford with negligible involvement for Shelby. In 1968, the Mustang experienced some more changes. The grille was altered into something more subdued and its 427 engines were scaled back but even still, they were enough to get people's eye when cruising down the street. Also in the same year Ford unveiled what was to be their greatest engine ever. The 428 Cobra Jet, as it was called, was rumored to have an output of 410 bhp. The Shelby's were still in production and a new design, a convertible, was also made available. This convertible design was called the Shelby Cobra.

Through the following years of 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 more modifications were done to the original Mustang design. In 1969, the Shelby's that were available became more noted for being a luxury car. The Boss Mustangs were also unveiled the same year. These Boss Mustangs were made to qualify for the NASCAR races. By 1970, the public still preferred the Cobra engine to the other engines that were coming out during that time. By 1971, Ford's decades of being a definitive performance vehicle were coming to an end. This would also be the only year that Ford's performance was thought of to be declining. In 1973, several mishaps and changes in the rules required changes to the design of the Mustang as well. This time, what used to be a vehicle oriented for high performance introduced a new model, the Mustang II, with no claims to anything as marvelous as what its ancestors had done.

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