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Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator Make Hydrogen Gas to Power Your Car on Water


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Okay, so we aren't making pure hydrogen gas to run our cars on water alone. That would be crazy! Pure hydrogen gas is super explosive and difficult to produce. . . which is why the automakers and our tax hungry government are focusing on it.

But what if we could take ordinary tap water and through electrolysis, create a burnable gas called HHO that we could then inject into the engines intake along with the gas we already use and increase the efficiency by 25-50%? That would still be pretty cool, right?

Actually, people have been doing just this for years now. The technology is almost a century old and thousands upon thousands of folks just like you and I have converted their cars to water burning hybrids by building and installing their own hydrogen generators.

I built a hydrogen generator a few months ago for under $65. I found all the parts locally and had the thing built in just a couple of days. If a country girl like me, with limited mechanical ability can do it, just about anyone can!

You don't have to make any major modifications to your car either. In fact, you can remove the hydrogen generator in less than five minutes with no evidence of it ever having been there.

Only reason you would want to do that though is to take it with you if you sell your car. Otherwise, the on-demand hydrogen generator will create HHO gas whenever the engine is running and will drastically improve gas mileage.

Your car runs smoother, quieter and with more power as well. There is evidence that the hydrogen generator even extends engine life by allowing it to run cooler and with less harmful deposits.

There are those trying to discredit this technology because it will reduce the amount of oil we use. Heavy hitters are trying to force a ban on this technology so you better get your guide to building the hydrogen generator before they are gone forever!

Want to build one yourself? Of course you do! I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Go to


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Homemade Hydrogen Generator - How to Build Your Own Gas-Saving Hydrogen Device
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