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Hydrogen Fuel For Cars Are Water Power Cars For Better Or For Worse?

Robin Mullen

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Which is better? Convert to hydrogen fuel for cars and save yourself some money or dismiss the availability of water power cars and continue to be at the mercy of increasing gas prices? Not to mention dependency on foreign nations for oil.

The possibility of converting your car to run on a hybrid of water and gas is not today's news. It's been around for a long while and has taken center stage recently due to ‘oh-so-ridiculous’ cost of gasoline. Vehicle owners naturally look for feasible and cheaper alternatives; the most viable right now is to switch to hydrogen fuel for cars. Is it worth the investment? Do these ‘water power cars’ do more good than damage?

Installing a hydrogen fuel cell for your car means:

Prolonged engine life - Using water as a fuel supplement lowers the operating temperature of your car's engine. Water reduces excess heat from the engine's components like bearings and piston, thus allowing these components a longer life span. Burning hydrogen also cleans out the engine, significantly reduce carbon deposits which creates sludge in the engine.

Quieter engine - When temperature of the engine rises, so does its noise level. They are directly proportional to each other. With the introduction of water in hydrogen fuel cars, the operating temperature is reduced and hence the engine runs quieter and smoother.

Cleaner and greener exhaust - Simply because water is the cleanest source of energy and the only exhaust gas it produces is water vapor. I think you know what cleaner emission means to the environment.

Improved mileage - This is the main objective of water power cars. With an overall enhanced engine performance of your car (as mentioned above), you can surely achieve an increase in gas mileage. A definite four-digit savings a year!

HHO technology is clearly worth the investment. For less than $100 you can learn how to build a hydrogen fuel cell and install the homemade hydrogen generator in your car. Believe it or not, it can work wonders for your car's mileage and your wallet.

So, are you going to take an environment friendly drive and benefit from water power cars or are you still wondering if this is a ‘run your car on water scam'? Wake up and smell Hydrogen Fuel For Cars !


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Turn Your Car Into Hydrogen Powered Cars Hybrid Using Water As Fuel
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