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Hypermiling + Hyperorganizing = Gas Savings


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With gas prices up over a buck a gallon from roughly this time a year ago, it's no wonder there's so much fodder going around about stretching your gas mileage. . . the term many use today is hypermiling.

For the most part hypermiling is about driving habits. Yes, there are some mileage techniques under the hypermiling list of of possibilities and techniques that can be called into question from both a safety and legal perspective. . . but I'll leave that to others to debate those angles.

For the most part, the vast majority of us can save a percentage of our gas expense simply by making some changes in how we drive. . . and how we organize our driving. . . yeah. . . let's talk about combining some hypermiling with some hyperorganizing.

The simple gas mileage saving tips have been around for decades and have been discussed until there's not much meat left on that hypermiling bone, but with gas prices continually heading upward and driving the cost of living up with them; it may not be such a bad time for a quick review.

It took a while, but gas prices have finally gotten the vast majority of our collective attention. Not just the gas prices that you pay to go to store. . . but the prices in the store that have risen synchronously with the price of crude.

Before I mention a few of the tried and true tips to saving gas, let's take a step back and think about how we plan our trips. By this I mean, are you making an effort to consolidate your trips to grocery store, the hardware store, etc, around your normal route to work and back?

With a little bit of thought and a critical look at organizing all the ‘little’ trips you and your family make in the car, you might be amazed at how many wasted trips. . . or at least very inefficient use of your gas, you are guilty of.

In the suburban areas with a strip mall never but just a few miles away, I would venture a guess that there are countless wasted 2nd and 3rd trips out and about when with just a bit of thought and pre-trip organization not only miles and gas could be saved but your precious free time as well.

What the hell. . . let's put pen to paper (yikes. . . that saying just gave away my age).

Let's say over the course of a week (or even a weekend) you've got errands to run to 3 different establishments. . . let's say (just to keep the math simple and I don't have to use my toes) that each of these businesses are 5 miles from your house and that each business is 2 miles from each other.

If you make a single trip to each business and back to the house you drive 10 miles round trip. . . so three 10 mile round trips. . . say over the course of a weekend, is 30 miles total.

Now let's say that you decide that only one of these trips is time sensitive and the other two are not so. . . so you are able to do a little ‘hyperorganizing. '

So, now the new organized you combines all three into one trip from base camp (your home).

Five miles to business 1
Two miles to business 2
Two miles to business 3
Five miles back to base camp (your home). . . added up it's 14 miles.

Now, I know this is a simple example. . . for the purposes of the math. . . but still the immutable laws of math and physics still apply here to the miles you put on your car in the form of depreciation, your time (priceless), and your gas consumed (increasingly more expensive). . . and if you really want to stretch a bit. . . this less time that you are out on the road and in traffic also naturally will lessen your statistical chances of being in an accident. . . okay. . . a stretch but still. . .

So. . .in our example: 30 miles driven versus 14 miles driven for a difference of 16 miles. If your driving habits are such that you could go ‘leaner and meaner’ with this type of driving organization; you're down, say 50% over your old habits. . . if this is just a weekend example. . . and I would bet that many individuals and families could trim and consolidate into even greater savings.

This little exercise in driving efficiency alone comes in at an annual mileage savings of 832 miles.

Combining a little hyperorganizing with dash of hypermiling and your putting some much better numbers together for your budget.

And for stretching the mileage in your car or hypermiling. . . do a search on the term and you'll find all the techniques. . . just be safe.

Jeff Neilan's car dealer experience offers insightful car buying tips that save you time and money. Be sure to visit for car financing tips, ownership costs, & more.


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