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Hydrogen Powered Cars and Electrolysis

Dennis Vincent

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Everyday we hear about the need for alternative fuel sources, but never really had a solution to the problem. Our nations dependency on oil has forced us into a depression. And what is even worst is we have no control of the outcome. As long as we depend on the middle east to supply our never ending hunger for energy, we will always be at the mercy of foreign powers. That is a hard truth that many people choose to ignore.

By now I am sure you have heard of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. Many people do not know it but hydrogen is a very powerful source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels (oil), hydrogen is everywhere. Hydrogen is the most abundant of all chemical elements. Roughly 75% of the universe is made of hydrogen. Hydrogen in it's elemental state is relatively rare on earth. This just means that hydrogen by itself is usually hard to find. This is not an issue because hydrogen is actually very easy to produce.

Hydrogen can be produced from water through a process called electrolysis. The process is a method of separating chemically bonded elements, such as H2O, and passing an electric current through them. When using electrolysis with h2o (water), the outcome is hydrogen. Hydrogen itself is a very powerful gas. Hydrogen is actually 3 times more potent then gasoline. Hydrogen can and will be a replacement for fossil fuel in the near future. In a hydrogen economy, we will no longer have the need for expensive oil. A hydrogen economy will dramatically reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and will stop man-made global warming.

A hydrogen powered car is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as a form of combustion to achieve kinetic energy. The combustion of hydrogen is done in the same fashion as traditional gas powered cars. GM, and BMW have already produced vehicles that are hydrogen powered. The main problem with these vehicles is that production of hydrogen in mass quantities is decades away. This is because of the risk and cost that are involved in transporting hydrogen.

The alternative we have to purchasing hydrogen powered cars is converting our current cars to use less gasoline. There are devices that can be made to work with our current vehicles to produce a gas very similar to hydrogen. This gas is called HHO. HHO is just as combustible as hydrogen and is not as unstable. This means it can be made and stored very easily. The device uses the electrolysis process from the electricity from your car battery. The device is very easy to make and most or all of the parts can be found at your local hardware store. Once the HHO gas is produced, it pumps the gas in your engines intake valve. This process does not eliminate the need for gasoline, but it does reduce the amount of gasoline needed in order to run your cars engine. This method will increase your gas mileage by almost 50%. Technically, this method will turn your car into a gasoline-HHO hybrid. Some drivers have even reported 60 miles per gallon.

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Hydrogen Powered Cars Using Water As Fuel - Great Gas Saver - HHO Gas
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