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How to Save on Gas Prices and Improve Mileage


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It's no wonder that gas prices aren't getting down anytime soon. With these high costs of gas, it's beginning to seem that the green notes from the wallet are evaporating faster than the gas itself. There are many ways one can avoid such situations and by reducing the overall fuel consumption, we'll be saving on gas prices.

One such method, that is being talked about a lot lately, is by using water in your car. I like to call it the water-for-gas method. I see people walking between stops and riding a bike in order to drive less and hence consume less gas. Of course, those are very healthy activities, but not everyone has the time and will to do them. With the water-for-gas method, you don't have to cut down on your driving at all.

In fact, when you modify your car to use water, you will also improve your car's mileage. The modification is not difficult, there are ready-made kits that are sold and you just have to follow the instructions to fit them to your car engine. It doesn't matter what car you drive, the kits fit on any car.

Alternatively, many are choosing to make the kits themselves as it can be made from easily available hardware in the shops and cost a great deal less than the ready-made ones. Gas prices aren't the only savings you will make when you convert your car to a water-hybrid model. The U. S. Government also offers tax breaks for those you drive gas-saving cars.

Convert your car to use water and gas as fuel and start saving by doubling the gas mileage today. We have reviewed the instruction manuals online and recommend the best guides on the web at


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7 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage - Simple Tips to Save Gas
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