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Three Easy Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Randy Vanderveen

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There are many ways to improve gas mileage. Some of them are simple to implement while others require changes to the inner workings of your vehicle's engine and other mechanical parts. Many people understandably hesitate to do things such as alter their car so that it will run on french fry grease, which is an attractive idea in theory but can be a little complicated to set up correctly. In this article, we will discuss three simple ways that you can improve gas mileage today.

1. Telecommute to work.

As gas prices increase, many employers are becoming more receptive to the idea of their employees telecommuting on a limited basis. Present the idea to your supervisor by showing them a clear schedule of when you would like to telecommute, how you will be available for contact and exactly why you would be more productive working in your own home. Most employers’ main concern is that employees will not work as productively if they are away from the office, so once you set that issue straight you should be able to persuade them to let you work from home at least one or two days a week. This cuts down on your “in-town" driving to and from work, which can raise your miles per gallon (MPG) significantly.

2. Keep your vehicle maintained properly.

Vehicles that are routinely serviced get significantly better gas mileage as well as just plain lasting longer on the road. Oil and other important engine fluids are as vital to your car as your blood and the air around you are to you. Make sure that you perform routine maintenance on your car regularly to insure that it continues to operate at an optimum level.

3. Use a quality fuel additive for improved gas mileage.

Many companies market fuel additives or “fuel catalysts" that claim to help engines burn gasoline more efficiently. Some of these products have been around and tested for years while others are simply scams designed to take advantage of well-intentioned environmentalists and other motorists who are simply trying to save on gas. When looking for a quality additive, make sure it has a US Patent and a long history of positive test results. If it's a good product, it will also have a money back guarantee and documentation that its use will not void the warranty of your vehicle. It must also work in both gas and diesel engines. A good quality fuel catalyst will improve gas mileage up to 35%.

If you would like to increase gas mileage and performance in your vehicle and capitalize on an exploding demand for a solution to high gas prices and reduced pollution with the “Going Green" movement while creating a full time income online, visit Randy's marketing website .

About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs by showing people how to save money on gas, help the environment, and duplicate themselves online.


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Ways That Anyone Can Use to Improve Gas Mileage on Any Vehicle
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