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Water Gas For Cars Fuel Saving Technology


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Recently, there has been a lot of interest on the idea of using water as gas for cars on the internet. Drivers around the world have been busy searching for ways to reduce their vehicle fuel consumption. With the current high prices for gasoline and diesel, any technologies that can save fuel will be a blessing. One of the concepts proposed is to convert water to fuel for cars. Can water really replace gasoline in cars? The straight answers is no, it cannot. This article will provide some information on the topic.

Outright replacement of gas with water is impossible because water is inert and not combustible. However, the hydrogen gas (H2) in water looks promising. Water is an element made out of 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen. To use water as gas for cars is to extract H2 and burnt it in the engine.

The process of removing hydrogen gas from water is with electrolysis. Electrolysis involves the passage of an electric current through water that results in chemical reactions at the electrodes. This chemical reaction produces hydrogen bubbles.

To utilize H2, some modification would have to be made to the car engine. The hydrogen gas has to be directed into the air intake system. There, it will be suck into the combustion chambers and mixed with gasoline vapor. The enriched mixture will create a stronger explosion compared to conventional gas and air alone. Theoretically, if you are using the same amount of fuel and having a higher engine power, your vehicle is traveling further thus increasing its mileage. Improved car mileage means cost saving for the driver.

There has been many ideas suggested that can reduce the fuel consumption for cars. Most of it does not work or is too expensive to implement. The water for gas technology has been tested and proven. The great thing is the conversion process usually cost less than USD150.

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Water Fuel Kits For Cars 7 Compelling Reasons to Use Water As Fuel
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