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Convert Water to Fuel For Your Car Drastically Increase Fuel Economy by Using Water As Fuel


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As gas prices continue to skyrocket, thousands of car owners have been turning to a technology that helps them convert water to fuel to power their cars. This is a real technology that is gaining mass appeal simply because it works and is saving drivers $1000s in gas costs.

News about this technology broke in the media recently, including Fox News which first carried the story. Internet forums have been abuzz with discussion and advice on how to build DIY water-to-fuel conversion kits.

The process to convert water to fuel is actually very simple. Through electrolysis, a water-to-fuel conversion kit breaks down water into a mixture of hydrogen/oxygen gases, known as HHO, or Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen. This gas is introduced into the engine air intake to supplement regular gasoline. HHO gas alone does not burn as a fuel. It actually facilitates gasoline to burn fully and cleanly. You get improved MPG (typically by 50% or more) and your car produces cleaner emissions.

How then can you convert water to fuel to power your car? What you need are (a) a good conversion guide, which you can download on the Internet at a very affordable cost (b) ordinary parts and components that are available from your local hardware store. The guidebooks will give you good details of what to buy. Some components can even be found around your home (c) less than half a day of your spare time and (d) less than $150 upfront investment (for the guide book and materials).

Most of the conversion guides provide full illustrations and easy-to-follow guidance. Many are designed for novice drivers in mind and provide assurance for those who lack technical knowledge in cars.

Many car owners have jumped onto this technological bandwagon. Why pay more for overpriced gas, when you can convert water to fuel to power your car?

If high gas prices are taking a toll on your finances, look no further. Alternative Fuel Specialist, Isache Chew invites you to learn how you can reduce your gas expenses and save $1000s by using water as fuel to power your car. Now read his expert review of the Best Water-to-Fuel Conversion Guides on the Internet at and beat the oil companies at their own game!


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Convert Your Car to Run On Water - Installing an HHO Gas Kit Increases Car Fuel .
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