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Improve My Gas Mileage and Improving Fuel Mileage


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People have tried many fuel additives and aftermarket gadgets to unlock some kind of hidden performance inside the vehicle. The hot button now is improving gas mileage in our cars which are draining our pockets at the pump.

The hot summer months prompt us to use our air conditioner; however the compressor is tied in with the engine and requires fuel to run the AC. Opening the windows can also harm fuel economy, so here is the rule. If traveling under 40 MPH, opening the windows improves gas mileage, however above 40 MPH, the AC will improve fuel economy versus opening the windows at highway speeds.

Driving smarter and being a much more fuel savvy consumer is probably the best means to improving gas mileage. If running errands in town, driving to a central location and walking or biking the rest of the way will improve gas mileage because the stop and go type of driving while searching for a parking place is when the engine is the most inefficient. By avoiding this type of situation will undoubtedly improve the gas mileage of any car.

A higher octane fuel will not improve the gas mileage of your car and will actually harm the components and cause carbon buildup if the octane is too high or too low. A higher octane rating simply means the fuel will burn slower, not cleaner or hotter or anything of that nature. A car designed for regular octane will run the best on regular octane gasoline. It may be hard to fathom, but the auto manufacturers are not trying to screw the customer by recommending octane ratings for the car.

Drivers can improve their gas mileage by mixing gasoline octane at the pump. Many cars are designed for 87 octane, while some pumps only offer 85 and 89 octane. 85 octane is too low and 89 is not necessarily too high, but it costs more. Mixing the gasoline will lower the fuel cost and improve the fuel economy to the optimum amount with the correct mixture of fuel.

People have too much junk in their cars. The amount of weight from the various articles left in a car and forgotten about will put a strain on the engine of the car and decrease the gas mileage. Imagine carrying an extra 100 pounds every day. This will use more fuel and harm the fuel mileage. Keeping the car clean and devoid of extraneous junk improves the fuel mileage of the car by putting less strain on the engine.

Planning trips by using Internet maps or a GPS system is a great way to improve fuel economy while saving time on the commute. The less time the car is running, the less fuel it is using, but the driving conditions the car is under will also affect the fuel mileage. By cruising more, the gas mileage will improve. This means planning trips and routes around traffic patterns and road usage to maximize cruising time. If engaging on a long road trip, find where gas stations are along the route or through a small detour. The less time that is spent finding a gas station or sitting in traffic, the higher the improvement in fuel economy.

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How to Improve Gas Mileage and Save on Fuel 4 Gas Saving Tips
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