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Hydro Fuel Cell For Cars Enhanced Gas Mileage and Cleaner Emissions by Using Water As Fuel


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The hydro fuel cell is the hottest innovation to hit the alternative fuel industry. Many car owners are riding on this technology to improve fuel efficiency and cut harmful emissions from their vehicles. This technology works on both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles and is fast gaining mass appeal.

This technology is not new, and has been used several decades ago in blow torches, lamps and high-heat ovens. It is being revived for use in vehicles as gas prices continue to soar past record levels. This is practically a hydrogen-on-demand system that converts water to HHO gas to greatly enhance the fuel efficiency of gasoline.

How this works is simple. Through a process known as electrolysis, a hydro fuel cell breaks down water (contained in a sealed container under the car hood) into HHO gas, also known as hydroxy or Brown's gas. This gas is then injected into the airflow intake and supplements gasoline to create a highly combustible fuel mixture. The result is that the gasoline burns completely and cleanly, leaving virtually no residues except harmless water vapor.

You cannot really find hydro fuel cells in the commercial market. Even if you do, you can expect them to cost several hundred to few thousand dollars. The good news is, you can easily build this simple device on your own without breaking the bank. There is a lot of information available online that enables you to do just that. Many good quality guides can be downloaded for a pittance, considering the amount you will save on gas costs in the long run.

The parts and materials needed can be found around your home or readily purchased from your local stores. Basic components include a sealed quart-sized container (or a similar sized glass jar), electrical wiring, vacuum hose, automotive fuse and baking soda (as a catalyst for conversion of water to HHO gas). A simple hydro fuel cell can be build for less than $100. Best of all, no modification to the car engine is required and your car's warranty is kept intact.

This is a real technology that many car owners are beginning to sit up and take notice. Internet forums, including the famed Yahoo Groups, have been abuzz with discussion and support for this technology. Many people have been saving $1000s in gas costs. You too, need not pay more for overpriced gas, with the help of the hydro fuel cell.

If high gas prices are taking a toll on your finances, look no further. Alternative Fuel Specialist, Isache Chew invites you to learn how you can reduce your gas expenses and save $1000s by installing a hydro fuel cell to run your car on water. Now read his expert review of the Best Hydro Fuel Cell Guides on the Internet at and beat the oil companies at their own game!


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