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Save Money on Gas Eco Driving Tips

Anthony Dempster

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Anyone who has recently filled up at the pump will know that the price of gas is now more expensive than at any other time in history. The rising costs of fuel are impacting everything and no-one is immune to the rising fuel prices - whether you use petrol or diesel, drive a small car or a big truck, you will have noticed less money in your wallet.

Many people have already scaled back their driving in an attempt to save money on gas, but what do you do when you have already reduced your driving as much as you can. Thankfully there are a number of small tips relating to refueling, your vehicle and your driving style that, added together, could save as much as 10% on your fuel bill.

Refueling tips :  

  1. Refuel at night - less gas vapours will vanish into thin air if you refuel when the air temperature is cooler.
  2. Tighten your fuel cap - as much as 30 gallons of fuel can be lost per year if the cap is not tightened properly.
  3. Plan your refueling - top up long before you run out so that you can take advantage of the cheapest fuel price. Topping up at the nearest gas station because the petrol light has come on can mean you will pay a lot more than you have to. In some areas you can find the cheapest gas prices in your location by looking on the internet.
  4. Take advantage of loyalty programs -if you fill up regularly at a station that has a loyalty card, take advantage of it. Or if you have a credit card that earns you cashback rewards on your spending, always pay for it on your credit card.

Vehicle tips :

  1. Lose weight - carrying unnecessary items around in your car uses more fuel.
  2. Get rid of drag - if the ski rack from your once a year ski trip is still on top of your car, get rid of it now. The engine has to work harder to drag it through the air, so removing it will mean saving money.
  3. Keep your car well maintained - ensuring your engine is properly maintained and serviced regularly will ensure it runs efficiently. Save even more money by doing it yourself - there is a wealth of information on the internet on how to do this.
  4. Tire pressure - keep your tires properly inflated. For every 6 units (psi) of tire pressure missing, fuel costs increase by 1%.

Driving tips :

  1. Driving speed can have a large impact on gas consumption. Speeds between 20 and 60mph are the most efficient for your engine, and speeds below 15mph are the most expensive in terms of fuel consumption - another reason to do your best to avoid traffic jams.
  2. Turn off your engine when you don't need it. Avoid idling in car parks or while waiting for friends, there is simply no need.
  3. Turn off the air-con - it can burn as much as 1 gallon of fuel per tank! Turn it off when you can, either by using the natural flow air vents or having your windows open. However, if your speed is 40mph or above, you are better to have the windows shut and the air-conditioning on, due to the drag created by the open windows.
  4. Change gears sooner - if you drive a manual transmission, then shift gears at lower speeds to maximize fuel efficiency.

Simple Changes Can Make a Big Difference

If you start implementing the above advice now you could save up to 10% on your fuel bills. Many smart drivers are also finding additional ways to increase their fuel efficiency even further - something that will save them lots of money over the many driving years to come.

Become a smart driver - save even more on your fuel costs (as much as 50%). Visit Anthony Dempster's ReviewsWorld.Info site to learn more - .


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