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Car Auctions Buying From a Government Car Auction


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Do you know someone who has bought a car from a government car auction? If you do then they've probably been raving to you about how cheap they were able to buy an almost new car for. The truth is, they're probably not lying either. You can pick up almost unused cars from a government car auction for a steal!


As we already know our government is usually useless when it comes to budgeting. They spend money at will and some of this money goes to buying cars which only get used every now and then for politicians and public servants. Every year they upgrade the old cars and buy some more new ones. By ‘old’ I mean usually just a couple of years.

The old cars are then sold for dirt cheap at government car auctions. This is where you come in. Try looking around for a government car auction in your local area and when you get a chance, head out to it and take a look around. You'll notice that mostly all the cars being sold are in great condition and almost brand new.

You'll also notice there'll be a lot of people buying up lots of cars to sell for themselves. A lot of used car salesmen buy up cars from government car auctions and resell them for up to 90% more then what they had originally paid for the vehicles.

Make Some Money

There is a lot of money to make from buying and selling cars from your local government car auction if you're smart about it. Too many people buy more than what they can sell. Try and spend more time finding people to sell too then thinking about buying more cars. The last thing you want is a backyard full of rusting cars that nobody will want.

Also be smart about the model of car you purchase. Find a model that is really popular amongst the community and do your best to stick with buying that model or others similar to it.

It's all about having a business savy brain when it comes to making money from car auctions. There'll be a learning curb for sure, just hang in there and learn the ropes, you'll be glad you did.

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