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Water Fuel Technology For Cars Outsmart Rising Gas Prices by Using Water As Fuel


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Water fuel technology is fast getting very popular among car owners desperate to save on gas costs. It is not difficult to understand why, as gas prices continue to soar past record levels. Water presents a very attractive fuel alternative simply because it is cheap and abundant.

However, water itself is not combustible and cannot be used as a fuel substitute on its own. This is what many people do not understand. They often term it a hype or scam whenever they hear about water being used as fuel.

Instead, by using a water-to-fuel conversion kit, water can be used to produce a gas known as HHO, or oxyhydrogen. This is done through the process of electrolysis, with power drawn from your car's battery. HHO gas is injected through the engine air intake into the combustion chamber.

With mixed with HHO gas, regular gasoline undergoes a complete combustion (typically, gasoline only burns at a 20% rate; the remaining 80% is wasted as heat and harmful emissions). This results in a smoother engine operation and far better gas mileage. This also means more money in your pocket!

Conversion kits for water fuel technology are not commercially available. However, you can easily build one on your own in a few hours, with parts that can be purchased from any local hardware store. Best of all, you can do this for under $100 - an excellent investment considering the $1000s you stand to save each year on gas costs. Even if you have no technical experience, there are excellent guides available online designed for the average car driver. These provide step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can follow. With water fuel technology, you can start saving and stop fuming at soaring gas costs.

If high gas prices are taking a toll on your finances, look no further. Alternative Fuel Specialist, Isache Chew invites you to learn how you can reduce your gas expenses and save $1000s by using DIY water fuel technology for your car. Now read his expert review of the Best Water Fuel Technology Guides on the Internet at and beat the oil companies at their own game!


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HHO Or Hydrogen on Demand Boost Water For Gas Technology to Supplement Fossil ..
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