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Water4Gas Scam I Fell For It


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The Water4Gas scam is one of the best greatest heists of all time. I am not usually an easy sell, but the sales letter on their website is so convincing. Here I am, reading about all the people that are saving hundreds of dollars a month in gasoline costs. They are talking about all the different cars and trucks they drive, so I know it will work on my vehicle. I see the different parts of the system and how each part plays a key role in the whole water conversion process. It is all spelled out very clearly on their website. They have pictures and everything. All I have to do to start saving money is fork over $97 for the simple step by step manual with diagrams. Also with my purchase, I receive bonus downloads with gas saving tips and more information than I will ever read. It seems completely legit and the creator, Ozzie Freedom, even leaves his phone number on the website for you to call before you purchase if you want too. I'm thinking this operation is definitely top notch. I was in for a surprise.

After I read the Water4Gas scam, I realized this is not a scam at all, surprisingly. I was definitely shocked, but in a good way. The manual gave me everything I needed to know to convert my car to run on water. The Water4Gas ebook provided simple instructions and helpful diagrams to assist me in the conversion process. I am by no means, an automobile expert. I know very little about the mechanical workings of a vehicle. The good news is that the ebook was written for people just like me.

Obviously, Ozzie Freedom welcomed my purchase of the so-called Water4Gas scam because he wants to make money with this business venture, but he is also committed to helping me and my vehicle receive the best gas mileage possible. Now that I'm a paying customer, I can contact his support department to get tips or just ask a question. That does not sound like someone that is trying take my money and give me nothing in return.

The last reason Water4Gas is not a scam is because of the 100% money back guarantee. If for some reason I am not satisfied with my purchase all I have to do ask for a refund, and I will receive all of my money back, no questions asked. I asked myself, “what am I really risking?" The answer was, “not much. " But, I knew the reward could be extra money in my pocket because I was spending less on gas. It seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Read a chapter by chapter summary of Water4Gas if you are contemplating purchasing it.


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Water4Gas Scam Or Not? Discover the Truth
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