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Alternative Fuel For Trucks Save Truck Gasoline With Alternative Fuel


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Are there any alternative fuel for trucks other than gasoline and diesel? Trucks are the work horse of a country economy because of its reliability and capability to transport heavy loads across long distances. Unfortunately, trucks are heavily dependent on fossil fuel and currently there are a lot of uncertainties on the future supply of crude oil. The country Iran is one of the top oil producer of the world and lately it has been flexing its military strength and has made the world economy very jittery. Every time there is a conflict in the Middle East, gasoline prices shoot up the next day. This has created a lot of hardship for many truck drivers due to the vehicle large engine capacity and high fuel consumption. This article will share some information on alternative fuel for trucks.

One new form of energy source that can be used by trucks is water. Apart from being the coolant in the radiator, water has some hidden potential energy. We know that water is made of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen thus the term H2O. By running water through an electrolysis process, hydrogen gas (H2) is generated. H2 is highly flammable and is perfect as an alternative fuel for trucks. For the time being, running a vehicle purely on hydrogen gas is yet feasible yet. However, if H2 were to mix with conventional gasoline vapor in the engine combustion chambers, it will produce a smoother and stronger power output. This is because hydrogen gas can burn more efficiently and is three times more potent than gasoline.

When a truck driver is using the same amount of fuel for his vehicle but achieve stronger engine torque, he will travel further thus improving his mileage and ultimately saving cost. Many drivers have implemented and tested this new source of energy for trucks and has been experiencing good results.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cars Alternative Solution to Gasoline
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