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Hydrogen Generators Plans Where to Get Them?

Mike Paulock

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Going to the gas stations makes me sick to my stomach. WOO HOO there goes another $50! NOT EVEN FOUR days later and I'm back from my next round of pain.

One day I finally said to myself enough is enough and I began my hunt for a better way. That's when my buddy referred me to some hydrogen generator plans he ordered. I've been thanking him every time I see him since.

In case you didn't know these hydrogen generators utilize the process of electrolysis to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. These hydrogen and oxygen gases create a lot of power when pumped into your engine without raising the gasoline consumption. More power with the same gas means you get to drive farther on the same tank! Cool huh?

My Acura Integra is getting a whopping SIXTY miles per gallon! That's right you read correctly. 60. I only fill up a little over twice a month now! This guy at work put one in his v8 trans am and even HE is getting 50 miles per gallon! I HIGHLY recommend you try one of these. They are a TRULY great investment that will end up paying itself off within just a week or two. They're quite safe and one of the often over looked advantages is that they improve your emissions!

Well that's great and all but HOW DO I GET PLANS??
If you'd like to get one of these GREAT gas savers yourself you will have to purchase hydrogen generator plans online as there aren't any retailers selling them yet.

You could try to build a generator yourself from scratch but I HIGHLY recommend ordering a kit as they will walk you through step by step so you'll save a lot of time and avoid any problems. My friends and I tried a few different kits so I went ahead and reviewed a few of them. Take a look and compare for yourself! Good luck and enjoy the savings!

HHO Kit Reviews

- Mike Paulock

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DIY Hydrogen Generators You Can Get Up to 40% Or More MPG in Your Vehicle!
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