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Build a Best Gas Mileage Vehicle


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What is the best gas mileage vehicle? “The Environmental Protection Agency" provides information on fuel efficiency as a guide to car buyers for them to make decision before buying a new car each year. But can the high price gas crisis make a different regarding to which car has the best gas mileage?

My answer is No! There is no car specifically being built to reduce gas consumption. Even there are some Japanese car manufacturers are working on this, however they would not be as close to a hybrid powered car that burns on water and they are not going to be cheap compare to gas powered vehicle. The only way is to convert your vehicle to runs partially on water together with conventional gas that increase gas mileage up to 50% and even more.

This technology cost less than $100 and you can do it yourself at home. The installation kits can be found anywhere in your local area. The process is very easy and safe. Modifying a vehicle to power on water definitely help to increase more gas mileage, it is a significant differences on any full gas consumption vehicles.

There is benefit attached with converting a vehicle to run on water, on the other hand also giving your car's engine longer life durability, ability to produce cleaner emission and a cleaner engine.
Not everyone has the budget to afford a hybrid car unless someone has the sixty thousand dollars lying on their table.

So this provide as a great alternative, the technology that can convert a car to run on hydrogen is known as ‘Water4Gas’ it is a guide as simplified the installation instruction and process to make it accessible for all people to do it themselves, the kits that required to make this hydrogen generator system can be found at any local shop area. The system gives you a convenience option of removing the generator whenever you want, just in case you want to sell you car that no longer use.

Many people are using this method to give their cars a better gas mileage while paying less for gas. I believe this “Water4Gas" technology can act as a solution to combat the sky-rocket gas prices. You don't have to switch to public transportation to avoid paying more on gas.

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Author: Jack Charles


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How To Build A Hydrogen Generator To Double Your Gas Mileage
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