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Improve Gas Mileage Improve Your Car Gas Mileage With Water Fuel


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What are the options to improve a car gas mileage? A car that uses an internal combustion engine is totally dependent on fossil fuel for power. With the global crude oil supply fluctuating, most probably the prices of gasoline at the local station will continue to increase further. Most drivers are finding it getting more expensive to fuel up their vehicle. Some have resorted to abandoning their cars and use public transportation. Unfortunately, this option may not be feasible for other some people. The other alternative is to improve car gas mileage to save cost. One practical solution to that challenge is to run your car on water fuel. This article will share some information on the subject.

In order to get more mileage from a car, it has to burn an energy source other than gasoline. One suitable supplement is hydrogen gas (H2). H2 can be generated from water with an electrolysis device attached to the car battery. When electricity is flowing through water, hydrogen gas is produce. By releasing H2 in the engine air intake system, it will combine with gasoline and ignited in the combustion chambers. Due to the potency of hydrogen gas, the power generated is much higher thus making the vehicle travel further. In theory, if you are using the same amount of gasoline and having a higher torque on the drive shaft, your car will achieve a better mileage hence saving cost.

It used to be difficult to improve gas mileage on a car. There are only a certain things you can do to save cost such as driving more conservatively, making sure the tires are properly inflated etc. A more practical solution is installing an electrolysis device to the engine and produce hydrogen gas to complement gasoline. With the present high fuel prices, any suggestion that can reduce gas consumption will be a blessing.

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Hydrogen Fuel Car Kit Rational Approach to Improve Gas Mileage by 50%
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