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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator For Cars Fuel Saving Tips With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators


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How effective is hydrogen fuel cell generator for cars? There were many news reports online about the cost saving capability of this new technology. With future crude oil supply in question, the prices of local gasoline have been increasing for the last few months. There is no indication that the cost of fuel will reduce in the future. Therefore, it is understandable that there is so much interest on hydrogen fuel cell for cars. This article will present some information about the science behind hydrogen fuel cell generators.

Fuel cell works by passing hydrogen gas (H2) through a membrane to generator electricity. However, there are some challenges in storing H2 on cars. Hydrogen gas has to be stored under high pressure and this tends to create the problem of leakage and endangering the driver. An alternative solution is to use a H2 “on demand" system. How the system works is by installing an electrolysis device to the engine. Power is drawn from the battery and when the circuit is turned on, hydrogen gas will be generated. The process can be turned on when the car is moving and switched off when the car is stationary.

A hydrogen fuel cell generator can reduce fuel consumption by supplying H2 as a supplementary gas to conventional gasoline. By mixing the two gases, it will create a potent combination and will produce a stronger explosion in the engine. More power means a vehicle can travel further hence increasing it mileage.

Setting up a hydrogen fuel cell on cars is not difficult. Most of the parts needed are easily available from a hardware store. What you will need is a step by step instructional guide to assist you. Ultimately, the success of the modification process will depend on your patience and dedication to find a solution to the rising fuel cost.

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hydrogen fuel cell generator for cars

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators Use Hydrogen Generators and Save on Gas
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